KDE error: “execvp: exec format error”


When start concrete program from application menu this error message appears, program does not start

I met this error with any version of Oracle SQLDeveloper 20+ which was installed from official rpm on Ubuntu + KDE via alien -dic.

There was no error in MATE. May not reproduce in GNOME due to shell execution fallback. Met only in KDE.

There is no error when launch via gio launch.

There is no error when launch directly from terminal.

It’s useless to add +x permissions on desktop-files.

Launching via kioclient5 exec fails with following error:

Unknown error code 100
execvp: Exec format error
Please send a full bug report at https://bugs.kde.org.

Installing gitea on clean virtual server

Hi. I hope this cheatsheet will help you to install your own github-like source code storage. I really advice you to do so.

I made this using gitea’s binary file and scratch . TL;DR:

  • prepare server;
  • prepare database;
  • prepare nginx;
  • download binary executable;
  • sort out some config files;
  • install gitea;
  • configure system daemon.