Hello. I’m backend developer located in Russia. You’re in my blog. Usually I write tech notes here. Russian is my native lang and there many posts in it but I also try to write more in english. I will translate my good posts into English soon.

Also I have telegram channel @axenov_blog — this is a place where I write anything about anything but only in russian.

I spend my spare time to develop some projects just for fun and self-development. Some of them are still in development, under NDA or just private. Some of them (actual and available ones) I listed below.

Also you can check my Gists (mirror) — sometimes I publish usefull pieces of experience there.


Packagist | GitHub | Gitea

[RU only] Пакет для использования облачных ККТ Атол Онлайн в проектах на php (54-ФЗ). Стек: php8.0.



[RU only] Telegram-бот для тех, кто вынужден соблюдать диету из-за заболеваний ЖКТ: подсказывает что можно и нельзя употреблять в пищу чтобы не навредить пищеварению (используются открытые источники).

Стек: php7.4, sphinxsearch

IPTV playlists

https://iptv.axenov.dev | GitHub | Gitea

List of free iptv playlists which automatically updates by its authors. Provides short links. Asynchronously сhecks for availability, channel count and list. Mostly for CIA countries but maybe you”l find something interesting in your language.



Shell-scripts to install different software on Debian-like OS. I make it for myself and share with you.

Password generator

https://pwd.axenov.dev | GitHub

My fork of this one with some style corrections. I use it periodically, pretty good thing.


GitHub | Gitea

Stupidly simple tool to convert csv-file to markdown table. I have an idea to make also this as webservice (maybe) in future.